Molecular Iodine (I2) is one of severeal iodine species in Povidone Iodine (PVP-I). It is the iodine species that provides 100% of PVP-I antiseptic capabilities. I2PURE chemistry isolates Molecular Iodine to be used as a non-staining and non-toxic biocidal ingredient without the need for any other iodine species.

Molecular Iodine is a broad-spectrum biocide. It kills pathogens at an efficiency greater than 99.999% and creates an environment for rapid healing. I2PURE chemistry allows for the creation of custom formulations in concentrations of I2 significantly higher (e.g. 300-fold) as that found in PVP-I.

Health and economies are devastated each year by pathogens. I2PURE's mission as a biotech company is to provide a means of combating effects of pathogens on global societies.


Global Pathogen Map

24 million
By 2030, the estimate of people forced into extreme poverty by antimicrobial resistance.

1 Billion
People suffer annually from skin, hair or nail fungal infections.

$644 Billion
The annual social impact of biofilms in the USA is estimated to exceed $644 billion.1,2,3

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The financial impact of pathogens and biofilms on global communities reaches into the stratosphere. The societal costs grow larger each year. I2PURE’s chemistry, is being developed into a platform for OTC, therapeutic, medical device and agricultural usage. This chemistry yields a powerful ingredient unlike any other. It's potential to effectively impact the costs of biofilms and pathogens to global societies is beyond anything now on the market.

I2PURE's Molecular Iodine formulation has been tested by well-known third-party labs.

3rd Party Test Results

Unlimited Uses Against Microbes


Biofilms form on surfaces of liquid, solids, and living tissue. An estimated 65%-80% of all infections are caused by biofilm forming microbes. I2PURE formulations safely destroy biofilms on surfaces and living tissue.

Viruses, Bacteria and Fungi

I2PURE formulations are created in easy to use consumer applications to treat a variety of skin conditions and prevent infection in people and animals.

Surgical Use

I2PURE formulations do not have the limits found in PVP-I. They provide greater antiseptic capabilities and are a superior choice for procedures requiring multiple antiseptic applications.