About Us

I2Pure was founded in 2019 by two military veterans with extensive experience supporting US Government agencies. Sensitive to the national security and intellectual property concerns emerging from China, and deeply familiar with the many challenges endemic throughout the domestic healthcare industry, these service-minded entrepreneurs knew better solutions were within reach that would immediately improve patient outcomes. With a vision to impact global health, I2Pure started with the belief that molecular iodine would make an essential contribution to the fight against pathogens and biofilms.

After receiving his Ph.D. in chemistry, Dr. Jack Kessler, I2Pure Chief Scientist, concentrated on creating molecular iodine-based formulations. His chemistry works with nature and focuses molecular iodine’s natural reactive character on the destabilization and subsequent eradication of pathogens. His formulations are at the heart of several ground-breaking products already used by the dental and agricultural industries. Within the I2Pure lab, the ways molecular iodine can be used to impact disinfection needs in clinical settings, OTC products, water purification, and agriculture are expanding daily.


Creating low-cost, accessible disinfection and wound care options to benefit societies around the globe is completely possible.

While some may see this as tall order, the dedicated team at I2Pure is convinced that delivering better health outcomes for everyone is entirely attainable.

The company is driven to change the world by directly taking on pathogens. Helping to shape the direction of product offerings is a leadership team with significant experience on Wall Street, in venture financing, in the military, within US government security spheres, and product development. Individuals passionate in the pursuit of I2Pure's end-goal are present at all levels within the organization.

Although small, the I2Pure team is mighty and entirely up to the challenge - they, as “David,” see themselves standing against and confronting the pathogen “Goliath".