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I2Pure & Toppen Health Join Forces to Transform Water Disinfection

Ashburn, Virginia – April 16, 2024 – Today, I2Pure and Toppen Health are excited to announce a new partnership aimed at forever changing water disinfection. On the foundation of their respective patent-protected and patent-pending technologies, the combination of I2Pure’s and Toppen Health’s approaches to water disinfection will create unmatched capability to filter and deliver clean water for endless applications.

Toppen Health is dedicated to water filtration. Their founder and CEO, Owen Boyd, is a long-time industry leader in water filtration, having invented and commercialized several novel systems currently used for water filtration in more than 75% of dental facilities in North America and Canada. Now at the helm of Toppen Health, Boyd remains committed to improving the availability of clean water around the world.

I2Pure is a healthcare technology company focused on leveraging the natural antimicrobial power of molecular iodine to fight pathogens and reduce infection risks in healthcare and a variety of other market segments. I2Pure’s iodine technologies can neutralize all known pathogens, whether bacterial, viral, or fungal.

“I2Pure could not be more excited at this new partnership with Toppen Health. With Toppen, we have a partner that shares a common goal of reliably disinfecting water at a volume and cost that is unmatched globally,” said Jeff Jochims, I2Pure CEO. more ...

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For those researching PVP-I

In consideration of your research using PVP-I, we would like to introduce you to an iodine formulation that has stabilized molecular iodine (I2) without the presence of complexing agents or other iodine species.

I2PURE is a biotechnology company on a mission to provide a means of combating effects of pathogens on global societies. The I2PURE platform is being developed for OTC, therapeutic, medical device and agricultural usage. I2PURE’s molecular iodine chemistry creates a non-staining, non-irritating, efficacious ingredient with 1,500 ppm of active I2. It is third party certified nontoxic in a 24-hour in vitro cytotoxicity study.

  • ASTM E2315 Biocide against bacteria 99.999%
  • EN 14476 Virucide against SARS-CoV-2 99.999%
  • ISO 10993-5-2009 non-toxic
  • ASTM 3058 sampling Persistent past 6 hours / At 6 hours killed 90.3% of the Staphylococcus aureus applied to hands in 1 minute

If you are researching PVP-I, our material may hold some interest to you as it delivers the active without any of the toxic components. We would welcome the opportunity to talk with you and/or send you a sample of our formulation for your review.

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News Release

I2Pure Hires Healthcare Industry Leader as Chief Executive Officer
Jeffrey Jochims Assumes Role of I2Pure CEO

Jeff Jochims, I2Pure CEO effective November 1, 2023 Ashburn, Virginia – November 7, 2023 – Today, I2Pure announced the hiring of its new Chief Executive Officer, Jeffrey Jochims, effective November 1, 2023. Jeff succeeds I2Pure Founder Douglas Spitz, who is transitioning to the role of Executive Chair. Jochims also joins the I2Pure Board of Directors.

Jochims assumes this role following more than 25 years of leadership in the life sciences and healthcare industries, including long executive tenures at industry leaders Thermo Fisher Scientific and Owens & Minor. In addition, Jochims has deep experience in entrepreneurial start-ups as well as global life sciences and healthcare companies of all sizes. Businesses under Jochims’ influence have consistently delivered customer-centric operational excellence and market share gains.

“I2Pure has made tremendous progress since our formation only a few years ago. We’re elated to have someone of Jeff’s experience and capabilities join our company as Chief Executive Officer,” said Doug Spitz, I2Pure Founder. “Based on the incredible reception to our innovative iodine applications and the momentum that we’re building, more ...

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I2Pure awarded 2nd place in the International Competition Genius Challenge

I2Pure awarded second place in the Genius Challenge

In order to promote the technological development of solutions around the use and applications of iodine and its derivatives, and in line with its commitment to enabling a more sustainable industry and making the world a better place to live, SQM, the leader and main producer of iodine globally with support of Expande, launched “Genius”; an open innovation call that seeks identifying the best solutions that encourage the use of this element and its derivatives in Chile and at an international level.

About the Genius Challenge

Molecular iodine is not responsible for cytotoxicity in iodophors

Molecular iodine is not responsible for cytotoxicity in iodophors

Journal of Hospital Infection - February 4, 2022

For the last 67 years, there has been a lack of accurate information presented to global healthcare providers regarding molecular iodine. This foundational manuscript in The Journal of Hospital Infections will begin to contextualize molecular iodine for the first time.

The conclusion of the manuscript: "The maximum concentration of I2 found in diluted PVP, about 25 ppm, is not cytotoxic or irritating. The potential clinical utility of I2 has been limited by incorporating this broad-spectrum biocide in acidic aqueous formulations that contain numerous chemical species that contribute toxicity but not biocidal activity. I2 can be delivered topically into hypodermis tissue without irritation."

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I2PURE recognized as the Runner Up winner in the Tech Venture category.

Loudoun County Innovation Challenge

Loudoun Economic Development - July 28, 2021

We are a winner in the second annual Loudoun Innovation Challenge and have taken the Tech Venture category top spot. This year had an enormous amount of competition with a total of 156 applicants. We are thrilled to have stood out among so many inventive and forward-thinking businesses.

This competition is designed to recognize Loudoun County Virginia local companies that are rethinking the status quo in their industries.

“This is a tremendous honor for I2PURE, and the recognition of I2PURE’s innovation, mission and work during the startup phase is gratifying,” CEO Douglas Spitz said. “From its inception, I2PURE has been privileged to call Loudoun County home. We have been welcomed here since day one and cannot imagine growing our global biotechnology company anywhere else”.

Thank you so much Loudoun County Economic Development Authority, in partnership with Loudoun Economic Development. We are honored!