Scientific Advisory Board

The problem with viruses, bacteria and fungi (and related biofilms) is their inherent nature to survive. They can and do evolve to be impervious to anti-biotics and as biofilm's, have developed tactics to always leave some of themselves behind thus never being truly eradicated. I2PURE has approached these evolution-based problems by evolving the use of molecular iodine (I2) to solve them.

I2PURE formulations are designed to address specific needs and offer a 100% natural solution. Regardless of the form (biofilm or not), viruses, bacteria and fungi have no known defense against molecular iodine (I2). Our Chief Scientist, Dr. Jack Kessler, along with the talented individuals in our lab and the highly respected scientists on our Scientific Advisory Board are shaping solutions to combat the negative effects caused by pathogens and biofilms world-wide.